Our guides are top notch.  Hand selected for their off road knowledge but also their customer service.  They will ensure that you have a good time during your experience.  They are there to help in any way.  We have guides suited for all trail levels and set up.  Please let us know how we can help you have the experience you are looking for.

Our Guides

only natural to start helping other learn what he had. It was 15+ years ago that Kyle started teaching off road driving to help those who wanted to be able to understand what off road driving is like.  This has led to training most of the major automobile manufacturers, custom built vehicles, military, border patrol, DOD, new drivers, dealerships, and many more.  His experience is more than most.  He strives to show you what you and the vehicle can do.  You will learn a lot if you listen to his directions and let the vehicle do the work.

     Kyle Buchter is a certified off road driving instructor by the I4WDTA and ROHVA.  In addition to that he is also certified by other off road affiliated programs. 

     Being in the outdoors has always been where Kyle feels at home.  When he got his driver license it was time to start off roading.  He has 20+ years of off road driving on a weekly basis for hobby and career.  With this experience it was


About The Instructor

Our people make the difference.

Off roading can be dangerous but we strive to show you what your vehicle can do with out damaging it. It is our goal to keep your vehicle as safe as possible. What sets a true trainer apart is being able to read and understand the driver and cater to their needs and goals. This is what we do. So if you want to learn how to use your vehicle and enjoy a day in the woods this is the place for you.