Trainings can be anything from utility trucks to atv's.  We can schedule a curriculum to fit your business.

We can help companies to better train their employees to protect vehicle and person.  Does your company send out vehicles into the field where they run the risk of getting stuck or damaged?  Then we can help.  Our off road driving course teaches drivers to read the terrain and avoid potential problems.  This can be as simple as a dirt job site all the way to a washed out pipeline.  By reading terrain the drivers can pick the appropriate path that will keep the vehicle safe and back to the pavement.  We can come to your facility for training and outdoor training as close to your facility as possible.  If you do not have an area near by, we have a facility just above Harrisburg, PA where we can train.  We also offer winch and recovery training to show how to safely remove a vehicle from a stuck situation.  All of these trainings have saved companies money in maintenance and towing fees as well as improved job performance.  We also offer team building and product testing and development support.

How can we help your company?

Corporate and Company Trainings