Arthur Buchters Cabin that is only 100 yards form state forest.

Michaux State Forest

Self Guided Tours

Pennsylvania State Forests

This page is dedicated to my grandfathers.  Without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today or have the interests and hobbies that I do. 

Arthur L. Buchter loved the outdoors and spent every moment he had in the now Loyalsock state forest.  He showed us all how nice the forests were and to appreciate their resources and beauty. 

Durwood C. Hicks loved camping with the family and his two favorite places were Cowans Gap State Park and Promised Land State State Park.  We would spend weeks in the state parks in the summer enjoying nature and what they offered.

My appreciation and love of Pennsylvania’s natural areas is because of the love these two men had for it that passed down to me.  They are the reason for these self guided tours because everyone should experience them and get a chance to enjoy them like my family has.

Weiser State Forest

Mr. and Mrs. Durwood Hicks at their favorite camp site at Cowans Gap State Park.

Loyalsock State Forest