What is the Off Road Consulting Woodland Adventure?

It is a mix of off road driving, geocaching, mapping/navigating, overlanding, time management and scavenger hunt all wrapped up into one big weekend! And the best part is you get to lay out your own adventure! This fun, family friendly event is perfect for stock or modified vehicles.
Things kick off Friday evening Oct 27th at Rausch Creek Off Road with check in for pre-registered participants.
At this time you will receive a packet with rules, GPS coordinates, paper maps and your Woodland Adventure Passport.
Use the maps and GPS to locate pre determined stops that you will have to log using your passport. As you log your passport you create points. Some points may be stamps, stickers, and some points may require you to take a picture at a specific location. All details will be in the packet and will explain exactly what you need to do!
This event will take place at Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area and Rausch Creek Off Road Park with areas in between including Weiser State Forest. The best part is you get to layout your own route using the GPS and paper maps! Clues will be provided that you can use to your advantage but you will need to plan your route using legal trails and roads to get to the items.
Saturday Oct 29th at 8:00am you can start your adventure! Following off road park and state forest rules, use the GPS and maps to find the various stops and start logging your points! Whichever team has the most points will win the top prizes!
You will have Saturday and Sunday to collect as many points as you can and beginning at 3pm on Sunday you can start making your way to the final stop where you can begin submitting your passports.
You must submit your passport by 5pm on Sunday Oct 29th as this is when The Woodland Adventure officially ends.

You must be in a team of two vehicles

You will need to understand how to use a gps or a paper map to find and locate the stops

4X4 Vehicle with adequate seat belts for all passengers/drivers

This event is stock 4x4 friendly

Team name .....example Team El Dorado

Teams must pre register! When registering please provide your team name - you will be assigned a team number for the Woodland Adventure.

Registration includes park entrance fee for two vehicles/two drivers for one day each at Rausch Creek and Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area

Rausch Creek Off Road Park Membership Fees ARE NOT included if applicable and will need to be paid during registration on Friday Oct 27th. This applies to each driver and passenger.

Passengers are welcome to join the teams for an extra cost of $20.00 each.
Waivers will need to be filled out for Off Road Consulting, LLC, Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area and Rausch Creek Off Road Park
All off road parks, state forest and road rules and laws do apply. Any breaking of any rules will result in the team no longer being in the event and will be asked to leave the Off Road Consulting Woodland Adventure with no refund. Rules broken on or off road are subject to appropriate disciplinary action via Off Road Park Officers or Law Enforcement.

Rausch Creek Off Road Park offers Free primitive camping at their location, please email info@rc4x4.org for details or to make a reservation
The Trailhead Campground is a new camp ground facility just a stones throw away from the AOAA!
For details or to make a reservation please visit www.trailheadcampground.com/
The Hampton Inn located in Pine Grove, PA will discount your stay when you mention Off Road Consulting.
Refund/Cancellation Policy:

From date of reservation to Oct 14th 2017:  $175.00 refund total
Cancellations made after Oct 14th 2017: 100% Non refundable

Prizes will be awarded to the teams with combined fastest time and most logged stops.

Pre-registration opens Friday July 7th! Please visit www.offroad-consulting.com!

For details please contact offroadinstruction@gmail.com.