We offer basic to advanced training including offroad driving, winching, recovery, field repair, situation dynamics, and much more.  Whether you need practice or training we can help.

Government & Professional

Helping you understand your vehicle and what it can do.

We're dedicated to ensuring that we take care of all of our customers, and that their experience is informative and rewarding. We offer high-quality off road driving instruction, winching and recovery, overland training, and much more.
Our instructional curriculum is designed to give you the experiences and training based around your needs. Whether is is a monthly class, private class, or corporate training we will make sure you get the training you need to grow your skills. Instructors are certified by the International Four wheel Drive Trainers Association.

Want to be part of an organized trail ride or scenic ride?  Contact us or go to the trail ride page for more information.

To see where the trail takes you.

Come spend the day with people who have over 15 years of offroad driving instruction experience.

Off Road Driving Instruction and more

Corporate & Company

Want to learn how to use your vehicle to its potential? Check out one of our training classes to learn how.​

Trail Rides

101, 201, and all other classes

Interested in organized trail rides or scenic rides?  We offer many different trail and scenic rides, find the one that suits you best.

Certified Trainer

Are your maintenance costs high due to the type of terrain traveled?    Let us help train your employees to better their skills when offroad.

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